Clean, store and protect all in one.

You've got to Spin It to Win It.

Genesis Deluxe See Saw

Deluxe See Saw

Cleans, Stores and Protects!

Clean and protect your bowling balls with the Deluxe See Saw from Genesis®. They feature ultra plush insides for superior cleaning during and after competition, plus a new, softer outer material for the perfect protection in your bag or storage locker. Available in multiple trim colors & styles with a gray Genesis® logo.

  • The classic bowling ball See Saw
  • NEW, softer outer material!
  • Soft, plush interior that won't scratch your ball
  • Available in multiple trim colors & styles
  • Fully machine washable

Features + Benefits

Quickly Cleans

Cleans the entire surface in no time by spinning away the dirt and oil.

Great for Storage

Keeps the ball safe and secure in your bag, locker or wherever needed.

Provides Protection

Protects your ball from damage caused by rolling around, rubbing or bumping.

Get a Handle on It

Provides a comfortable and safe way to carry your single or spare ball.

Specs + Tech

Material Soft outer with plush microfiber interior
Safe for use on? Resin, Urethane or Polyester
Washable? Yes. Wash by hand or machine.
Rinse thoroughly, then dry on a low temperature setting.
Color Product #
UPC Code
Black / Black Trim GENDSS-Black/Black 709951683286
Black / Green Trim GENDSS-Black/Green 709951683293
Black / Red Trim GENDSS-Black/Red 709951683309
Black / Blue Trim GENDSS-Black/Blue 709951683316
Black / Teal Trim GENDSS-Black/Teal 709951683323
Navy / Black Trim GENDSS-Navy/Black 685450076814

How to Clean your Ball

Place the ball inside, then using both hands, work the handles in a back & forth “see-saw” motion. The ball will be wiped clean as it spins.

Images + Downloads

Deluxe See Saw - Black / Black TrimDeluxe See Saw - Black / Green TrimDeluxe See Saw - Black / Red TrimDeluxe See Saw - Black / Blue TrimDeluxe See Saw - Black / Teal TrimDeluxe See Saw - Navy / Black Trim