Experience the retro 80's reaction with a ball that recreates the magic.

A True Limited Edition Flashback!

The Judge™ LE

Retro Performance

In the 1980's, bowling ball technology changed the game, and a urethane was found in every bowlers bag. A few even became industry icons that are still being used today. Now you too can experience the retro 80's reaction with a ball that recreates the magic.

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This product has been Retired and is No Longer Available.

Features + Details

With some other remakes, the jury may still be out. But with The Judge™ LE, the verdict is clear. No ball has been able to truly replicate the 80's performance...until now. From construction to finish, it’s case closed! So, can it truly be as good as we claim? There's only one way to find out. Get one for yourself and you be The Judge™! Then you will understand why we say...." It's the Urethane by which all others will be Judged"

Ball Motion

The Judge™ LE provides the urethane motion of the past. It doesn't over react like many of the modern day urethane balls. Instead it provides a smooth predictable ball motion off the spot and, if you play on top of the dry, you don't get the sudden flip action as with most other dynamic cored urethane balls on the market. So if you've been seeking a true urethane reaction from the past, All Rise, cause here comes The Judge™!

Verdict Classic™ Solid Urethane
Verdict™ Solid Urethane

To bring this ball to life, we were able to lock up the last remaining supply of material from an original source. Which makes this "THE" Limited Edition Ball to have. Better get one before the Verdict™ is handed down!

Superior™ Core
Superior™ Core

The even, steady arc and heavy, thundering roll from the foul line to the pin deck will have you saying "motion granted" from this classic shape. An authentic homage in design to one of the all-time greats.

Specs + Tech

Color Black
Coverstock Verdict Classic™ Solid Urethane
Finish 320 Grit Wet Sand
Durometer 74-75 Rex D-Scale
Lane Conditions Light to Medium
Available Weights 13-16 lbs.
Release Date 03/30/2015 - Worldwide
Weight Block Superior™ Core
Block Type Symmetric
Flare Potential 0-1" (very low)
Weight 16 15 14 13
Rg 2.55 2.57 2.61 2.64
Differential 0.018 0.015 0.009 0.008
Mass Bias n/a n/a n/a n/a

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