It's an amped up energy transferring machine.

Get Ready to Flash Some Numbers!

Ignitor™ Flash

Upper-Mid Performance

You don’t have to throw it 88 mph to get the gigawatts flowing in this high powered release. We’ve fused elements of the Ignitor™ ThrustBlast and Burn to put you in control of your bowling future. So be prepared to flash some scores with this amped up, energy transferring machine.

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This product has been Retired and is No Longer Available.

Features + Details

Ball Motion

The hybrid cover gets the ball flowing through the heads, while the moderate differential of the core acts as a capacitor in controlling the entry angle from the mid-lane to the back end. This allows the combined core/cover combo to power up a controlled burst of energy that gets the ball rolling nicely through the pins.

Endura-Tac™ Hybrid Reactive
Endura-Tac™ Pearl Reactive

The fusion of the Pearl and Solid covers used on the Ignitor™ Blast and Thrust has the ball flowing through the heads before grounding the energy to the lanes with a strong arc towards the pins.

Power Cube™ CR (Controlled Rotation)
Power Cube™ CR

A solid two piece high C.O.R. core that maintains its axis rotation for easy length to the break point, then makes a fully charged, energy transferring move down lane.

Specs + Tech

Color Black / Blue Streak / Silver
Coverstock Endura-Tac™ Hybrid Reactive
Finish 500 / 1000 / 2000
Durometer 74-75 Rex D-Scale
Lane Conditions Med-Light to Medium
Available Weights 13-16 lbs.
Release Date 06/15/2015 - Worldwide
Weight Block Power Cube™ CR
Block Type Symmetric
Flare Potential 2-4” (low to med)
Weight 16 15 14 13
Rg 2.55 2.59 2.63 2.66
Differential 0.036 0.031 0.026 0.020
Mass Bias n/a n/a n/a n/a

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