Stand tall when all the smoke clears...

It's Ready to Bring the Heat!

Ignitor™ Burn

Upper-Mid Performance

The driving force behind the Ignitor™ Burn is the Afterburn™ Pearl Reactive coverstock that’s been formulated to get you through the burn, and still make the turn. Fan those flames even further with the Power Cube™ CR core, and you’ve got the ultimate skid-flip ball that will leave you standing tall when all the smoke clears.

This product has been Retired and is No Longer Available.

Features + Details

Ball Motion

The core / cover combination of the Ignitor™ Burn brings the heat with a well defined skid-flip shape. You will notice effortless skid until late in the mid-lane, then a very angular move that starts at the break point and does not stop until it smokes through the pins.

Afterburn™ Pearl Reactive
Afterburn™ Pearl Reactive

A true skid-flip cover that won’t burn out! It easily scorches it’s way through the heads and continues to store energy through the mid-lane until friction sparks an explosive reaction off the spot.

Power Cube™ CR (Controlled Rotation)
Power Cube™ CR (Controlled Rotation)

A high Rg core that maintains it’s axis rotation for easy length to the break point, then offers a quick change of direction when the dense flip cap takes hold off the pattern.

Specs + Tech

Color Smoke / Purple
Coverstock Afterburn™ Pearl Reactive
Finish 500 / 1000 / Polish
Durometer 76-78 Rex D-Scale
Lane Conditions Med-Light, Short Oil or Dry heads
Available Weights 13-16 lbs.
Release Date 05/30/2014 - Worldwide
Weight Block Power Cube™ CR
Block Type Symmetric
Flare Potential 2-4" (low to med)
Weight 16 15 14 13
Rg 2.55 2.59 2.63 2.68
Differential 0.036 0.031 0.026 0.020
Mass Bias n/a n/a n/a n/a

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