Relieve pain and rejuvenate your body at the same time.

Release your Body's Natural Energy from Within!

Genesis Power Band™

Power Band™

Neoprene Magnetic Wrist Band

The Genesis® Neoprene Power Band™ is an ultra-lightweight, durable magnetic aid providing complete unrestricted, flexible support. It helps to relieve tendonitis pain and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome while keeping your wrist therapeutically warm. The easy to use strap features a velcro tension adjustment to fit most bowlers.

  • Embroidered Genesis® logos
  • Easy velcro tension adjustment for total comfort
  • Lightweight, stretchy neoprene material
  • Increases circulation & rejuvenates cells
  • Helps balance the nervous system

Features + Benefits

Introduces Magnetic Flux

Placing the 1000 Gauss negative-ion magnet near an acupressure point creates a localized magnetic field.

Increases Circulation

The magnetic field helps separate and align the blood cells, increasing the available surface area.

Helps Rejuvenate Cells

The cells benefit from an increased metabolism by picking up more oxygen, which releases energy.

Balances Nervous System

The rejuvenated cells increase vitality and help restore the bodies natural balance.


Specs + Tech

Color Black
Materials * Neoprene / Suede
Adjustable? Yes, velcro tension adjustment
Available Sizes M L XL
Length * 8 3/4" (22.2 cm) 9 1/2" (24.1 cm) 10 3/4" (27.3 cm)
UPC Code 685450076975 685450076760 685450076982

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Claimed benefits have not been proven in a clinical setting. Not a medical device.
* Product has been revised for 2018. Models purchased prior to this may be different in length and/or materials.