This isn't just any old "slap it on" tape. You have to know how to use it first.

Learn the In's and Out's of Applying K-Motion

Basic Kinesiology Taping Guide

Thank you for choosing Genesis® K-Motion™ kinesiology athletic tape, the first tape of its kind with Copper Infuzion™!
Please use this guide as a resource to help you stay active and performing your best.

For best results, always follow these helpful pre-application guidelines before use.

Application Tips

Here are a few of the most common taping applications to get you started.

If you would like to download these instructions as a pdf, then simply click here or anywhere on the image below.

Didn't see the application you need?

Well, while we are preparing all the extra content, we ask that you please search for videos online by performing an internet search. Just click on the links below, where you will be taken to a "Google" search for that particular application. Or you can perform your own search by typing " (your desired application) kinesiology taping" in the search field.
Product Disclaimer:

Discontinue use if K-Motion™ causes redness, soreness or irritation. This product is not intended to replace professional medical treatment. This guide has been provided for
educational purposes only. The product warranty covers replacement product or costs only.