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Beasley earns 1st National Title of 22 year PBA Career

Photos courtesy of the PBA

Beasleys road to victory in the 2016 PBA Chamelon Championship took many twists and turns

Congratulations to our friend Mitch Beasley on your win in the 2016 PBA Chameleon Championship. It was a long road to your first national title, spanning multiple injuries and 22 years of hard work. We're just glad that our K-Motion kinesiology tape was able to help you along the way.

Beasley, bowling in his 2nd title match of the season, defeated AJ Johnson 246-237 in an exciting match that saw two competitors hungry for their first title. One just starting out, and the other looking for redemption to a long career. It was age and experience that persevered this time, though with many obstacles along the way.

“I began to doubt I’d ever win because of the injuries,” Beasley said. “I fell off a ladder eight years ago and shattered my wrist, which cost me a year. Then I had to throw 13 pounds at the World Series that year (and cashed in three out of five events). Then I was out of bowling for two-and-a-half years with hip and back injuries."

“I saw nine different specialists. I had four tell me to do surgery, two said don’t, but I met a great surgeon who does reconstruction for people who have had a crushed pelvis in a car accident, and he said he knew exactly what my problem was. He did scans and MRIs, and found the issue and told me not to do fusion surgery because it would destroy my other hip and continue to destroy my back. So with lots of physical therapy and rest, it finally started to get better.”

Now, Mitch chooses to trust his injuries to our K-Motion kinesiology tape to help ease and manage any discomfort that comes his way. He was turned on to our product through his wife, Ingellimar Beasley, a 3 time Venezuela Woman Bowler of the Year and G-Force™ staff member. You may recall her being victorious during last years WSOB PBA Regional Challenge event that aired on ESPN.

Beasley survived the opening four player elimination match by striking on his final four shots to finish with a 239 and advance to the title match. AJ Johnson narrowly edged Thomas Larsen with a 236 to Larsen's 235 for the other spot in the title match after Thomas got a 6 count on his fill ball. Newly signed G-Force™ staffer Patrick Dombrowski finished 4th after posting a distant 182 during the match.

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G-Force™ staffer Dick Allen an accomplice to PBA History

Photo courtesy of the PBA

Dick Allen and Dennis Lane team with the legendary Walter Ray Williams Jr. for his historic win

Congratulations to a trio of gentlemen in the PBA/PBA50/PBA60 Decker Appraisal Services Baker Trios Regional. G-Force™ staff member Dick Allen, shown wearing our blue K-Motion™, had the honor of teaming with Dennis Lane and the legendary Walter Ray Williams Jr. for what would become Williams' record 100th career PBA victory.

Williams becomes the first PBA player to record a combined 100 victories in all levels of PBA competition. He currently owns 47 PBA Tour Titles (record), 11 PBA50 Tour Titles, 32 PBA regional titles and now 10 PBA50 regional titles with the win. For Dick Allen, this was his 19th PBA regional title.

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Wolfe takes down Cheetah for 5th career PBA title

Photos courtesy of the PBA

Mike Wolfe uses K-Motion™ while winning 2016 PBA Cheetah Championship at the WSOB VIII

You don't have to be on staff to earn our respect. Congratulations to the 2016 PBA Cheetah Champion, Mike Wolfe. He chose to use our Genesis® K-Motion kinesiology tape to get him through the grueling two week PBA World Series of Bowling competition and keep him on the path to victory.

Wolfe, of New Albany, IN, defeated rookie Darren Tang of San Francisco, CA 279-143 for his fifth overall title, and first in four years. Wolfe advanced to the title match by posting a 223 in the four man opening match that also featured Tang (237), Anthony Simonsen (210) and former G-Force™ staff member BJ Moore III (192).

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EJ finds redemption in 2016 PBA World Championship

Photos courtesy of the PBA

EJ Tackett wins 1st Major for 4th Title of the Year; G-Force™ Staff wins World Championship in back-to-back seasons

G-Force™ Staff member EJ Tackett, of Huntington, IN, defeated veteran Tom Smallwood of Saginaw, MI, 246-180, to win his first Major in the PBA World Championship Sunday at the National Bowling Stadium. EJ closed out his victory with a string of 6 strikes to earn the win and fulfill a dream of winning a major. Last year he was the high seed for the 2015 World Championship finals before falling to fellow G-Force™ Staff member Gary Faulkner Jr. in the title match. With the win, EJ becomes one of the front-runners for the PBA Player of the Year race with 4 National Tour victories this season, including this Major, as well as winning the special King of the Swing televised event that capped off the Fall Swing.

As a company, our G-Force™ followed up its 1-2 staff finish in last years 2015 PBA World Championship by having the top 3 finishers use Genesis® products again in 2016. G-Force™ staff member EJ Tackett used a blue Pure Pad and K-Motion kinesiology tape, runner-up Tom Smallwood used our new Hyper™ Grip Tape on his forearm to help grip the ball during his no-thumb delivery. 3rd Place finisher Dom Barrett, of England, found relief with our K-Motion kinesiology tape on his wrist, and our Excel1 performance tape on his thumb.

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