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8 of the 10 competitors use K-Motion™ as USA defeats the World

Congratulations to the USA team on your win in the PBA USA vs the World special event. It was a fun and entertaining show that featured 8 of 10 players using our K-Motion kinesiology tape.

The USA team was led by G-Force™ staffers EJ Tackett and Dick Allen throwing nothing but strikes, including Allen's clinching 1 ball roll-off. Fellow G-Force™ staffer Matt O'Grady, recent champion and K-Motion user Mitch Beasley, and former staff member BJ Moore III rounded out the winning team, while G-Force™ staffer Tommy Jones served as the team Manager. The World team was comprised of Dom Barrett, Francois Lavoie, Arturo Quintero, Martin Larsen and Sam Cooley. The only competitors not to use K-Motion were Cooley and Moore.

2016 PBA USA vs. the World - WSOB VIII Full Story -