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Rookie finds way to work through neck issues en route to 2016 PBA Shark Championship

Congratulations to Francois Lavoie on your PBA Shark Championship. It was a bit more stealth, but not all injuries occur in visible locations. Francois felt discomfort in his neck and shoulder area in the early rounds of the World Series of Bowling, and we were there and happy to assist with some K-Motion to keep him going throughout the remainder of the event.

In the opening 4 man elimination match, Walter Ray Williams Jr. (227) and Lavoie (212) survived a back n forth match that saw Andrew Cain (208) and G-Force™ staff member Matt O'Grady (201) coming up just shy. Francois then thwarted Walter Rays attempt at becoming the first to 100 PBA wins with a 204-196 victory in the title match. The win makes him the front runner for PBA Rookie of the Year honors, following up an earlier win at the US Open, which included a televised 300 game. Congratulations on your success Mr. Lavoie. We were honored to help you finish off your historic 2016 Rookie of the Year season.

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